Switch your Thinking

  • Profiles both ‘behavioural style’ and ‘mindset’
  • Leverages and maximises individual and team strengths
  • Radically improves the impact of coaching conversations
  • Recognises and utilises that people behave differently in different contexts

Spotlight brings cutting edge profiling to your organisation with a modern twist.

<strong>Spotlight can be used to enhance…</strong>

Individual Performance: Understand and tackle the blindspots that hold individuals back

Team Meetings: Enhance the efficiency and team effectiveness of team meetings

Relationships: Build stronger team relationships, respect and understanding

Shared Mindset: Forge a common language and a shared mindset


SpotlightTEAMS features:

Building upon the breakthroughs from Spotlight, SpotlightTEAMS maps the context and performance culture of a team.

    • Captures the team’s level of ‘psychological safety’ – a fundamental element driving high levels of team performance
    • Explores the key team dynamics that drive performance, engagement and effectiveness
    • Provides a strategic plan to take the team to the next level of performance

The underlying models of SpotlightTEAMS align with the FLEX and COPE frameworks, making SpotlightTEAMS a natural progression from an individual’s Spotlight profile.